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[dir] 10. Digital Forensic 80.3 MB 2016-Mar-16
[pdf] 2000 Effective_Use_of_Teams_for_IT_Audit.pdf 1.1 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2013 Cybercrime Case Presentation Using DigitalForensicsand.pdf 2.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2010 Fraud auditing and forensic accounting.pdf 2.6 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2013 Cybercrime Investigative Case Management using digital forensics.pdf 2.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Violent Python A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts,.pdf 6.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2012 The Basics of Digital Forensics The Primer for Getting Started in Digital Forensics.pdf 6.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2012 Coding for Penetration Testers Building Better Tools.pdf 9.6 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide.pdf 13.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 13.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2007 Alternate Data Storage Forensics.pdf 21.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
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