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[dir] baru 101.4 MB 2021-Dec-01
[pdf] 2014 Guide to the Software Engineering BoK swebok-v3.pdf 6.6 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2014 IEEE Software Engineering Competency Model-2014-V1.pdf 1.9 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2019-08 Software Engineering competencies.pdf 8.7 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2020 Business Analysis by Debra Paul, James Cadle.pdf 30.5 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2020 Front-End Developer (BCS Guides to IT Roles) by Dominic Myers.pdf 11.2 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2020 Software Development in Practice by Bernie Fishpool, Mark Fishpool.pdf 10.3 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2020 The Data Science Framework A View from the EDISON Project by Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego Yuri Demchenko .pdf 21.4 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] 2021 Engineering Software Products An Introduction to Modern Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville.pdf 6.7 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] CyBOK_v1.1.0.pdf 20.7 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] Kompilasi-Peta-Okupasi-Area-Fungsi-Keamanan-Siber-2019.pdf 1.7 MB 2021-Nov-09
[pdf] WEF_Future_of_Jobs_2020.pdf 10.6 MB 2021-Nov-09
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