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[dir] 13. Hacking 149.9 MB 2016-Mar-16
[pdf] 2006 Handbook of Information Security Volume 1.pdf 12.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2006 Handbook of Information Security Volume 2.pdf 11.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2006 Handbook of Information Security Volume 3.pdf 12.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2010 IT_Audit,_Control,_and_Security.pdf 3.4 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2012 Low Tech Hacking Street Smarts for Security Professionals.pdf 7.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit.pdf 7.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Professional Penetration Testing Creating and Learning in a Hacking Lab.pdf 37.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Simple Steps to Data Encryption.pdf 6.6 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2013 The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy .pdf 4.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing.pdf 13.6 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 Cyber Warfare Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners.pdf 8.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] Hacking the PSP.pdf 13.5 MB 2006-Jul-12
[pdf] Hack Proofing Linux - A Guide To Open Source Security (2001).pdf 11.8 MB 2008-Aug-27
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