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[dir] 15. Information Retrieval 82.2 MB 2016-Mar-16
[pdf] 2010 Human Information Retrieval.pdf 849.6 KB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 ok Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval.pdf 2.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 The Modern Algebra of Information Retrieval.pdf 3.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 Interactive information retrieval in digital environments.pdf 4.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 Information Management Strategies for Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data.pdf 4.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 D Manning Introduction to Information Retrieval.pdf 4.8 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 Information Retrieval Architecture and Algorithms.pdf 4.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 Personalized information retrieval and access concepts, methods and practices.pdf 5.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2010 Emergent Web Intelligence Advanced Information Retrieval .pdf 6.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 Advanced in Information Retrieval.pdf 7.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2007 Advanced in Information Retrieval.pdf 7.8 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2015 Measuring and Managing Information Risk.pdf 8.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Information Visualization Perception for Design.pdf 22.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
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