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[dir] 7. Data Mining 238.9 MB 2016-Mar-16
[dir] The Top Ten Algoritm in Data Maining 6.1 MB 2016-Mar-01
[pdf] 2003 Statistical modeling and analysis for database marketing effective techniques for mining.pdf 2.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2004 Survey of Text Mining I clustering, classification, and retrieval.pdf 5.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2005 Text Mining Predictive Methods for Analyzing Unstructured Information.pdf 1.8 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2007 Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.pdf 2.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2007 ok Data_Mining_and_Warehousing ok.pdf 828.6 KB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2007 Principles of Data Mining Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science ok.pdf 2.8 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2008 Emerging technologies of text mining techniques and applications.pdf 7.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 Mining Massive Data Sets for Security.pdf 7.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 ok Data mining with ontologies implementations, findings and frameworks.pdf 7.9 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2008 Ok Practical Text Mining with Perl.pdf 17.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2008 OK The Elements of Statistical Learning - Data Mining,Inference and Prediction .pdf 17.8 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2008 Survey of Text Mining II Clustering, Classification, and Retrieval.pdf 2.9 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2009 Handbook of research on text and web mining techologies.pdf 14.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2009 Scientific Data Mining - A Practical Perspective (SIAM, 2009)(0898716756).pdf 3.7 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2009 Text mining classification, clustering, and applications.pdf 4.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2010 ok Text mining applications and theory.pdf 2.4 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 Big Data Glossary.pdf 5.6 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 Mining of Massive Datasets.pdf 2.6 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 6.9 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2011 ok Data mining practical machine learning tools and techniques.—3rd ed.pdf 6.9 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2011 ok Methods for Mining and Summarizing Text Conversations.pdf 3.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 Privacy and Big Data.pdf 6.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2011 Visual analytics and interactive technologies data, text, and web mining apps.pdf 5.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 6.9 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2011 [Ian_H._Witten] ok Data mining practical machine learning tools and techniques.—3rd ed.pdf 6.9 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2012 GOOD [J._Hani]_Data_Mining_Concepts_( 15.7 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2012 Mining Text Data.pdf 4.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2012 Understanding big data hadoop.pdf 3.5 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Big Data and the Internet of Things.pdf 5.2 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2013 Principles of Big Data Preparing,Sharing,and Analyzing Complex Information.pdf 4.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 big-data-now.pdf 8.6 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 Big Data and Internet of Things_A Roadmap for Smart Environments.pdf 17.8 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 Big Data Related Technologies, Challenges and Future Prospects.pdf 1.7 MB 2016-Feb-23
[pdf] 2014 Data mining and analysis fundamental concepts and algorithms_up.pdf 9.8 MB 2016-Feb-24
[pdf] 2014 Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Strategies to Transform Information Systems in the Era of Big Data.pdf 5.0 MB 2016-Feb-23
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